Urban Homesteading

No need for hundred of acres or a huge farm. You can partake in sustainable practices and agriculture favorites right from your city view.

Natural Pest Deterrents for Your Garden Tiny Urban Homesteading

Spring gardening season is here and so is those summer pests. They love munching on your plants and wreaking havoc your garden. Today we are going to talk about some natural items that can help deter some of those pests away so you can have less stress and worrying about your plants and pests.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. Natural Pest Deterrents for Your Garden
  2. 3 Natural Fertilizers for Your Garden
  3. How Much Food Should You Grow for Your Urban Homestead?
  4. Urban Bees
  5. Preparing Your Homestead for Emergency Situations

4 Ways to Prevent your Backyard Chickens from Overheating this Summer

Chickens don’t have the ability to sweat like we do. Or tell us that they are getting too hot. And depending upon which breed they are, they can summer heat exhaustion quicker then some other breed. It is chicken owners responsibility to make sure their flock is staying cool this summer.

When we start taking a stroll town the farmers market lane instead of the grocery store aisle, we enter a world where food taste a heck of lot better and food that provides us natural nourishment rather then loaded preservatives.

We can say that social media keeps us “update on current events and memories,” but it is also good to put the phone down and enjoy what is physically around you.

The kitchen is the one place where it connects us with our heritage, memories, people, and traditions that live on with us till the end of time.

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